Active projects

  • Krakenjs
    An enterprise-grade application framework.

  • Nemojs
    A selenium-webdriver automation for node.js.

  • SeLion Logo
    Enabling test automation in Java.

  • Gimel
    PayPal's Big Data Processing Framework.

  • squbs
    Akka Streams & HTTP for Large-Scale Production Deployments.

  • Fast, easy credit card scanning in mobile apps.
    Fast, easy credit card scanning in mobile apps.

  • Skip To Menu
    Improved "skip nav" accessibility feature.

  • SuPPort
    An event-driven, scalable, maintainable Python server framework.

  • NameNode Analytics
    Near real time HDFS metadata scanner.

  • Gatt Go package for building Bluetooth Low Energy Peripherals.

  • Genio An easy to use code generation tool that can generate API client libraries in multiple programming languages. .

  • Hera High Efficiency Reliable Access to data stores. Multiplexes connections with sharding for MySQL and Oracle.

  • Aurora OpenStack Cloud Management Framework & Portal.

  • Amcharts Accessibility Plugin Accessibility enhancements for the chart library. Enables navigation for keyboard users and provides support for screen reader users.

  • Lusca Application security for express applications.

  • Kappa A hierarchical npm-registry proxy.

  • Adaro A Dust.js view renderer for express.

  • Makara An internationalization (i18n) module for Dust.js.