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PayPal Checkout SDK

for Windows 8

PayPal Checkout for Windows 8 Apps

Use the PayPal Checkout SDK (Win8XO) to add PayPal checkout functionality to your Windows 8 applications.

The SDK is available as a Windows Runtime Component for Store developers, allowing it to be used by apps written in a variety of languages. Phone developers can make use of the PayPal Checkout SDK for Windows 8 Phone that is available as a Portable Class Library.

Getting Started

Step 1: Configure Your PayPal Account

The SDK processes PayPal transactions through a PayPal Premier or Business account which you'll configure to allow our Merchant account to process Express Checkout transactions on your behalf. This allows simple integration while protecting your API credentials from being exposed.

To grant permissions:

  1. Log into your PayPal merchant account.
  2. Navigate to Profile > My Selling Tools and click API Access > Update.
  3. Click Option 1: Grant API Permission
  4. Look up the account (or for a Sandbox account)
  5. Once the account is location, check both Use Express Checkout to process payments and Use Express Checkout to process mobile payments, then click OK.

That's it! You're now ready to use the PayPal SDK.

For more information on granting third-party permissions, refer to the following guides:

Note: Use Sandbox test accounts to test your application before placing it into production. For details, see the Sandbox Getting Started Guide.

Step 2: Include the Store/Phone SDK as a reference in your project

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click References and select Add Reference.
  2. Browse to the PayPal Store/Phone library as per your need and click OK.

Step 3: Use the API!

Check out the API references for C# and JavaScript.