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Aerospike API


Design Considerations



Create Hive Table pointing to Aerospike Set

The following hive table points to a Aerospike

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE `pcatalog.test_aero`(
  `payload` string)

Catalog Properties

Property Mandatory? Description Example Default
gimel.aerospike.seed.hosts Y list of hosts fqdn or ip localhost  
gimel.aerospike.port Y port 3000 3000
gimel.aerospike.namespace Y the namespace in aerospike test  
gimel.aerospike.set Y aerospike set name sample_set  
gimel.aerospike.rowkey N the row key for the set col1 first column in dataframe

Common Imports in all Aerospike API Usages

import com.paypal.gimel._
import org.apache.spark._
import org.apache.spark.rdd.RDD;
import org.apache.spark.sql._
import spray.json._;
import spray.json.DefaultJsonProtocol._;

Aerospike API Usage


val dataSet = DataSet(sparkSession);
val df ="pcatalog.test_aero")


// Create mock data
def stringed(n: Int) = s"""{"id": ${n},"name": "MAC-${n}", "address": "MAC-${n+1}", "age": "${n+1}", "company": "MAC-${n}", "designation": "MAC-${n}", "salary": "${n * 10000}" }""";
val numberOfRows=20;
val texts: Seq[String] = (1 to numberOfRows).map { x => stringed(x) }.toSeq;
val rdd: RDD[String] = sparkSession.sparkContext.parallelize(texts);
val dataFrameToWrite: DataFrame =;;

// write it to Aerospike via PCatalog
val df = dataSet.write("pcatalog.test_aero",dataFrameToWrite)