Source code for support.exceptions

This module holds root exception types, as well as mix-ins
that can be subclassed for user code or used in try/except blocks
import sys
import traceback
import os

import gevent

[docs]def current_code_list(): 'returns a code-list that can be formatted by code_list2trace_list' f = sys._getframe().f_back code_list = [] while f: code_list.append(f.f_code) code_list.append(f.f_lineno) f = f.f_back return code_list
[docs]def code_list2trace_list(code_list): trace_list = [] for code, lineno in zip(code_list[-2::-2], code_list[-1::-2]): line = LINECACHE.getline(code.co_filename, lineno) trace = ' File "{0}", line {1}, in {2}\n'.format( code.co_filename, lineno, code.co_name) if line: trace += ' {0}\n'.format(line.strip()) trace_list.append(trace) return trace_list
[docs]class GLineCache(object): 'same idea as module, but uses gevent primitives and thread/greenlet safe' def __init__(self): self.cache = {}
[docs] def getline(self, filename, lineno): if filename not in self.cache: gevent.get_hub().threadpool.apply(self.update, (filename,)) lines = self.cache.get(filename, []) try: return lines[lineno] except IndexError: return ''
[docs] def update(self, filename): if not self._trypath(filename, filename): # TODO: is loader.getsource() important here? # ... in practice are there a significant number of libs # distributed in zip or other non-source-file form? for directory in sys.path: path = os.path.join(directory, filename) if self._trypath(filename, path): break
def _trypath(self, filename, path): try: with open(path, 'Ur') as f: self.cache[filename] = f.readlines() return True except IOError: return False
LINECACHE = GLineCache()